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Joe's letter

My name is Joe. I was visiting your website today to see what kind of flies that I should use for taking my son shad fishing for the first time (ONLY MY SECOND TIME). Well this being my first year fly fishing I had a couple of Micky Finn Patterns for each of us but that was it. So we went fishing this evening and on our way out we met this nice guy and made a bit of conversation about how the fishing wasn't so good tonight. I told him that I had visited a website today to see what I should be using and of course all I had was a couple of the Micky Finn patterns and I wished that I had some that I had seen on the website....well as the discussion continued low and behold it was none other than Joe Flieschman himself......the same guy that submitted Joe Bruce's Fly to you.....by the way he did give me one of them. The chances of this meeting are just astronomical. It's a small world we live in.

Regards, Joe

Joe Fleischman's letter

I know you're going to like this.

I finally made it to my local creek for the hickory shad run this evening, with family in tow. Early reports have been that there were few fish in the tribs, and those there weren't biting. Those reports were accurate, we got skunked for the hour we were there. I'd rigged up three rods for wife, son, & daughter while I played guide for the trip, rigging up, tying on flies, & giving casting tips. Now I know why those guys charge so much. :-)

So here's the fun part. I'd sent my son about a hundred yards upstream from where I'd planted wife & daughter, and I'd gone up to see how he was making out. On the way back downstream, I stopped to chat with another fisherman. He noticed my hat from my local shop, the Fisherman's Edge & asked if I went there. Yeah, I said, I get most stuff there. He said he was using the red & yellow marabou fly from Joe Bruce, the owner. He went on to say as how he'd seen it on the internet. Knowing I'd sent a picture to you, I jokingly said I might be the one who sent it in. "What's your name?" he asked. "Joe Fleischman," I answered. He practically shouted, "It was you!" Turns out, he had just looked up shad flies on the internet, found your site, found Joe's Red & Yellow, tied one or a few, then in the same day, runs into the guy whose name was on the site.

We shook hands & laughed at the coincidence. He was a total newbie & acted almost as though he had just met FFing celebrity. What a hoot. I gave him a couple flies out of my box to try before heading on down to the family. He said he was going to emial you as well with the story. If he does, do me a favor & forward his email addy to me.

Thought you'd like to know that at least one guy found good stuff on your site. :-))

TL, Joe

It really is a small world. Like I told the guys, wish I had been there too.

Gary Fraser, Canada, ©1999-2011. All Rights Reserved.