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Hi folks! Welcome to the "NEW" NSFLYFISHING.COM. My name is Gary Fraser and I am a licensed hunting and fishing guide and with friends across the province including guides, avid outdoorsmen and competant fly tiers we hope to share some of our knowledge with you. Please feel free to tour the site which at the moment is a work in progress. You will be introduced to local fly patterns, the fish we target, fly tying tips, contests, tutorials and experience some of the local scenery and wildlife. We will also try and keep you up to date on provincial rules and regualtions, weather and river reports. As you will tell I am much more Salmon and Trout oriented but I do admit to fish other species as well. Please stay updated with us as we go through the growing pains of offering you a site that is both educational and enjoyable for all and I hope you will feel welcome to contribute to this transition. If you have any questions or for more information contact me through the email link.


Located on the left-hand side of the tartan you will find links to most of the pages found within. The "Master Index" link will give you a complete listing of all pages as well as a short description of each so use it to check out our contest Page!! Enjoy your visit and check back often as we will be updating the site on a regular basis. As always, any questions or comments are welcomed. Email links can be found on every page so don't be shy.

We are offering a free fly tiers forum as well with a wealth of information from some fantastic fly tiers around. Everything from an extensive fly pattern database to tips on tying the patterns listed and local information. Check it out and if you would like to participate please feel free to sign up we would love to have you join us.

Baby Blue

Baby Blue

Searun Brookie

Here is one of the most beautiful fish we have the to target. Its a fresh searun Brook trout and it fell to the lester the lobster pattern developed here in NS Had a great evenings fish with several brookies over 16 inches caught and released. Pretty hard to beat on any river if you ask me. If you have any fly fishing adventures you would like to share with us Email them to NSFlyfishing.com with a short description as we would love to share your experience.

Little Falls


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