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The hendrickson dun is very similar in general features to the black quill.  Being only slightly smaller and a bit more robust.    There is a bit of a lobe on the secondary wing of a Hendrickson that is absent on a black quill but to be honest I have a hard time in the field to tell the two apart.  Hendricksons hatch a little later in the year than black quills with the majority of the hatch occurring some time mid may on the South Shore.  I tend to fish the same dun patterns as for the black quill only slightly smaller. 

It is the spinners; sometimes known as a red quill, that set these two hatches apart.  Notice the egg sac on the bottom of the abdomen.  Even in flight it is easy to spot and when the female spinners congregate above the water in the evening there can be thousands of them.   

This is probably the most famous imitation of the Hendrickson Spinner, the Lady Beaverkill.  This one is tied on a 14, but it is a good idea to have a few in 12's as well.  Spent wing imitations of this pattern are also productive.  I usually just clip the hackles flat on the bottom to imitate a spent wing.


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Re: Hendricksons
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Thats cool with the sack and all  ;)

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Re: Hendricksons
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Awesom Tim  love that fly and I have caught some huge trout on hendricksons.   Never tied the ones with sac  but I am sure it would only make a great fly better
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Re: Hendricksons
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Beautiful Tim!