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Merrymeeting Special
« on: May 15, 09:58AM »
Merrymeeting Special designed by Henry Northridge.  Looks like a fly that  could  hook up  here.  I  need to find a  large supply  of  decent  grizzly  hackles  for  wings  as  I HATE  HATE  HATE  using  these universal  hackles  on  flies  I  take  pics  of.  They  fish the  same  but  for me they are  too stiff a stem to get  the flow I like on the wing.  Anyway  here is the pattern if anyone is interested. 

Thread-  White 8/0
Tail-    Red  goose quills
Body - Red Floss
Rib-      Flat Silver Tinsel
Belly- Orange bucktail
Underwing-  White Bucktail under Peacock herl
Wing-  4 Yellow grizzly hackles
Cheeks-  Jungle cock
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Re: Merrymeeting Special
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 11:54AM »
Nice Gary and I think you're right about it working down your way!
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Re: Merrymeeting Special
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 12:01PM »
Should work around there for sure. Kinda like a souped up Mickey. Almost bought a full cape of those jungle cock eyes this morning. But at 114 bucks I decided I should wait til I really need them.
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Re: Merrymeeting Special
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 06:38PM »
nice streamer