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: spring box
: Salmon Seeker March 26, 02:30PM
Getting my spring box filled. Mostly muddlers, leeches and buggers. The usual spring fare. Going to try a new style of aelvin this year. Small white muddler with a  glass bead instead of the usual yarn yolk sac that I have typically used.
: Re: spring box
: MattD March 26, 03:12PM
People take note...those are fish catchers!! 

nice to see you posting again Mike!
: Re: spring box
: Dane March 26, 03:21PM
not much else a fellas needs for spring troutin other than a few leetches and a batch muddys
: Re: spring box
: mikesalmon March 26, 07:38PM
Those little muddlers are SICK! Mike, cool idea.
: Re: spring box
: Robbie March 26, 07:45PM
Love the beaded muddlers
: Re: spring box
: rpen March 26, 09:52PM
: Re: spring box
: the caddis March 26, 11:50PM
Real nice
: Re: spring box
: Dan March 27, 06:23AM
Nice work Mike!
: Re: spring box
: Chris March 27, 03:33PM
beautiful as always mike, those are staple flies for big fish  8)
: Re: spring box
: Salmon Seeker March 30, 03:29PM
Loading up my opening day box again. Looks like big dirty water on the opener. Big black cone head leech kind of water.

( (
: Re: spring box
: emac March 31, 09:13AM
That is a box full of Dandies right there!  You have all the bases covered with that, looks like tomorrow will be quite the opener, weather network is calling for 15 cm here. Go home winter your drunk.....