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Well the last few years I have been lucky enough to sit in on some tying sessions with some fantastic Maritime Fly Tiers. I am a self taught fly tier and only asked for help when I was terribly stuck. I can remember as a teenager going over to Stu Heralds shop on the Margaree and watching and asking Rick MacDonald for tips and help. He was always willing to oblige so a big thanks to him for that. Something I have noticed since them days is the majority of tiers are more than willing and actually excited to show help others learn the craft. You may not get their secret patterns but you will get help that a book can't compete with and I am hoping to offer you assisstance here. From some simple fly patterns to Mike MacKinnon's Grey Ghost step By step.

Zuddler Minnow

Hook- Mustad Stinger ( great hooks for trolling ),Thread- grey, Tail- 6 Strands Krystal Flash, Ribbing- Copper Wire, Body- Grey Ice Dubbing, Wing- Rabbit Strips, Head- Grey deer Body hair spun and clipped.

Insert the hook tie your base thread down and tie in the krystal flash tail.

Tie in the red wool for your tag.

Wrap your wool and tie in copper wire for rib.

Make your dubbing loop to build your body.

Add dubbing to dubbing loop and twist.

Wrap your formed dubbing loop to build a sleek body.

Tie in rabbit strip to form wing. Keep arond the end of the hook shank.

Wrap copper through the rabbit strip Matuka style.

Add small clump of deer body hair. Wrap thread with three light loops then pull down taught.

Wrap thread with three light loops then pull down taught hair will spin.

Pack head (Bic pen with ink removed) and repeat until built to desired proportion.

Whip finish and cement.

Trim the deer hair to desired taper.

Add second coat of head cement and your done.

Interchange the colors and you have an endless supply of ZUDDLERS


Hook- Salmon up-eye,Thread- black, Tag- fine oval gold ribbing, Tail- Floss run off from body, Rib- silver oval, Body- green floss, Hackle- yellow, Wing- Grey Squirrel.









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